HireEvolve (, Vivid Technologies’ sister company, advises corporate HR Managers on how to gauge the effectiveness of their recruiting departments and what steps they can take to bring their recruiting up to best practices. Here’s the survey HireEvolve uses:

I. Understanding of existing recruiting model
– Recruiting staff/Dedicated recruiter setup
– Usage of search firms/name sourcing firms on retained/contingent basis
– Balance of own research vs outsourcing
– Analysis of costs and potential time savings across the following recruitment stages
o Requisition
o Sourcing
o Screening
o Offer and On-boarding

II. Understanding of your recruiting load
– Overall inventory of open positions
– Types of positions
– Optimal requisition load per recruiter
– Average time-to-fill

III. Broad success factors across both in-house and outsourcing models
– Method that generates the highest % of hires
– Best outsourcing service used
– Best Practices
– Technology leverage
– Optimal employee referral bonuses

IV. Scope for improvement/Collection of Metrics
– Quality considerations/pain points
– Cost per hire
– Time to hire
– Vendor compensation model
– Solution that could possibly make a difference
– Technology improvements over current software implementation
– Overall Support from vendor, agencies