This position will be involved in designing new storage systems, and will have primary responsibility for monitoring and maintaining existing storage systems.
* Maintain and support existing SAN and NAS storage systems.
* Address performance issues in the storage environment, taking into account the host and application layers.
* Work with system administrators, developers and end users as necessary to assess needs and requirements for new storage systems.
* Participate in design of new storage environments, meeting performance and reliability requirements specified or implied by business needs.
* Provision storage, including SAN zoning, and LUN creation.
* Implement and maintain systems to monitor the storage environment.
* Perform both routine and break fix maintenance activities on storage systems.
* Maintain positive working relationships with storage vendors.
* Keep up to date with current technologies and practices.
* Track issues in a request/ticketing system
* Maintain and create documentation relating to storage systems and procedures.

Candidate Qualifications:
* Vendor agnostic knowledge of current SAN and NAS architectures.
* Understanding of both file level and block level access protocols (NFS/CIFS and fiber channel/iSCSI)
* Experience with the following specific equipment: EMC Clariion, EMC Celerra, NetApp filers, IBM XIV, IBM DS series, Brocade fiber channel switches.
* Storage performance tuning experience, including gathering baseline metrics, estimating expected requirements, and making/implementing recommendations to optimize IOPS and/or throughput from the disk level all the way through the application level.
* Experience supporting and architecting parallel filesystems (GPFS, Luster, etc) is desired.
* Understanding of the following storage concepts and their appropriate application is required; experience in multiple areas is strongly preferred: tiered storage, global filesystems, replication, parallel filesystems, and caching architectures.
* Strong Linux knowledge.
* Scripting (bash, perl, etc) knowledge strongly preferred.
* Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or a combination of education and work experience equivalent
* Minimum of 3 years of experience of storage administration in a Unix-centric environment.
* System design and architecture experience.

• Learn and internalize the theories behind current trading system.
• Participate in the design, architecture and implementation of next generation software.
• Take ownership of system from design through implementation.

Key Skills / Attributes:
• Exceptionally proficient in C++ (Python & Java a plus)
• Familiarity with Linux environments (Windows a plus)
• Familiarity with Options/Exchange Trading technologies will greatly differentiate candidate.
• Experience with hardware &/or real-time systems a plus
• Focus on performance of applications under high load
Experience in creating/supporting cross-platform multithreaded applications

Job Requirements:
• Three or more years experience as an exceptional developer
• High level knowledge & competencies in one or more of the following areas:
• TCP stack optimization
• multi-core 1 machine parallelism
• low level performance / cache optimization / profiling

Help create and operate a top-notch Linux system architecture.
Keep the Linux infrastructure up-to-date, in good operating condition, and fast. To this end, we develop the monitoring and automation tools necessary, and are responsible for planning, operating, and troubleshooting all the servers in a moderately heterogeneous environment. We develop user interfaces for our Support team to be able to assist our end-users. We are also responsible for all aspects of the production databases for our applications platforms. We create the solutions for the problems that have not happened yet, to keep our environment moving ahead.

– Maintain, update, and author system utility scripts
– Roll out new systems in disparate locations adhering to a set standard of installed software and configurations
– Troubleshoot system hardware or software (OS or application) issues
– Create and maintain automation, monitoring, and standardization systems such as autoyast, cfengine, and syslog.
– Analyze system statistics and recommend changes to maintain or improve performance
– Train Support personnel new interfaces or concepts

Required skills
– Ideal Development Operations Analyst candidates will have 3+ years of UNIX/Linux experience, knowledge of RPM-based systems, experience with wide-area system administration and high-level concepts such as consistent software deployment and configuration management.
– Mid-level or higher perl and regular expressions skills
– Mid-level or higher MySQL database administration skills
– Knowledge of typical open-source software packages and utilities (e.g., Apache, Sendmail, Samba, awk, Subversion, etc.)
– System monitoring and reporting tools (syslog, SNMP, OpenNMS, etc.)
– System statistics reporting and analysis tools (sar, etc.)
– General networking skills (subnetting, NAT, routing, etc.)
– Ability to write clear and pertinent documentation

Desirable skills
– Experience with other interpreted or compiled languages
– Experience with automated systems deployment (e.g., auto-install servers) and configuration management (cfengine, bcfg2, puppet, etc)
– MySQL database programming or performance tuning skills
– Disk storage concepts and technologies
– Knowledge of trading concepts, FIX, MDP, etc.
– Knowledge of name services (DNS, LDAP, AD, etc.)

Bonus points
– Ruby on rails
– Java
– User interface design/implementation skills
– ODBC and heterogeneous database integration experience

This lead position is responsible for developing and deploying complete end-to-end BI solutions based on Cognos, SQL Server, and ETL technologies. The ideal candidate is also responsible for supporting and maintaining existing BI applications. In addition, this position will help set BI tools and approach strategy for the company by keeping abreast of latest technologies and trends in the marketplace.

Job Requirements :
-Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science; Master’s degree preferred or equivalent combination of education and equivalent Information Technology experience
-6 + years’ experience implementing Business Intelligence solutions using Cognos technology
-2+ years’ experience in a technical lead or BI architect role
-Strong understanding of Business Intelligence and data warehousing
-Expert experience with Cognos
-Hands-on design, development, and deployment experience with the Cognos Series 8.x, including all Studios, Framework Manager, Content Manager, Transformer, Power Play and Access Manager
-Experience in 10.x Suite is also desirable
-Hands on design and implementation experience with dimensional models
-Design and development of complex Cognos reports and analytical views
-Installation, configuration, and performance tuning of high-availability, multi-tiered environments
-Prior experience with delivery of BI products to mobile devices is a strong plus
-Strong knowledge of MS SQL server with OLTP and OLAP concepts
-Experience with ETL technologies is a definite plus
-Experience in Microsoft development platforms (.Net Framework, C#, ASP.NET) is desirable
-Understanding of SDLC, object-oriented concepts and multi-tiered architectures
-Understanding in the following areas is a plus: UML, Design patterns and Agile development practices

This position will expand the in-house expertise in building and supporting various data warehousing and ETL applications using SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, Informatica, SSIS and .Net based technologies. The ideal candidate will assist developer leads in the analysis, development, support and maintenance of new and existing data warehousing and ETL applications. This candidate may also be assigned to a deployment team responsible for late evening deployment (after 7PM) of changes to production.

Job Requirements :
-Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent combination of education and equivalent Information Technology experience
-3+ years’ experience implementing ETL solutions using Informatica and /or SSIS
-Extensive SQL development experience in SQL 2005 or later versions is a must
-Prior experience using BI tools such as Cognos, SSAS, SSRS is a definite plus
-Prior Experience in Microsoft development platforms (.Net Framework, C#, ASP.NET), VB Script, JavaScript is very desirable

Support the capture, transformation and storage of data from various sources. Interact with the risk analyst, trading and development to proactively assess and manage risk exposure via reporting, monitoring and analysis. The primary focus will be to create and maintain databases, reporting and analyses in support of these efforts. The ability to draw conclusions from data and transform data, both at a detail and big picture level, into actionable information is a must.

To accomplish these goals, strong Java (or strong depth in a modern language i.e. C#, Python, C++) will be required.

Trading support for Futures, Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities and Options traders. You will be responsible for our proprietary trading system architecture and application issues, exchange operations relationships and driving continued performance improvements.

Key Responsibilities:
• Analyze trading requirements, systems architecture, order and market data trends
• Communicate Trading and Technical requirements to the world’s largest global exchanges
• Drive the launch of new features through company’s cutting-edge Trading, Development & Operations teams
• Employ innovative thought and automation to improve productivity, workflow and trader support

Key Skills / Attributes:
• Extensive knowledge of Linux/Windows
• Significant Experience with Python programming/scripting.
• Creating scripts to automate process/monitor performance.
• Experience with database configuration/performance monitoring.

• Work with IT, development and trading groups to understand and document gaps from a functionality and ease of use perspective in our infrastructure.
• Work within an R&D environment to test solutions against documented requirements.
• Work with the various departments to bring solutions into a production environment.
• Assist in evaluating various software and hardware solution for cluster/grid projects.
• Make use of open sources resources where appropriate and contribute to open source projects when the company’s interests are served.

• Experience supporting and managing a large multisite Linux environment.
• Expert troubleshooting skills. Ability to solve complex cross domain problems.
• Expert in Linux packaging
• Expert in Kernel packaging and custom kernel deployment.
o Able to handle kernel rollouts
o Able to do minor patches of the kernel himself
o Able to deal with various kernel configurations
o Able to explain Linux user space APIs to traders
o Able to troubleshoot standard kernel problems.
• Familiar with at least one distributed file system (Ceph, Lustre or GPFS preferred)
o Understands key concepts of distributed file systems and has ability setup a distributed file system for evaluation and benchmarking.
o Knows about hardware used for storage and computational clusters.
• Languages
o Experience with programming in C, Bash and Shell.
o Basic scripting (Perl, Python, Ruby, Php)
• Network expertise (Cisco, 10G, Infiniband) – Desired
o Familiar with Linux network configuration. Especially configuration of the Linux network stack
o Router / Switches.
o Low level Infiniband programming competency is desired

• 5 years of experience as an Infrastructure architect in a Linux based company
• Active contributor to Open-source projects with a track record of good work
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience.

The individual will be working as a member of a team to help architect and develop next generation trading applications. Additional responsibilities will include architecting and developing key core libraries and services which will provide junior developers the building blocks necessary to develop complex business applications. Guiding and mentoring other developers as the company transitions to new technologies will also be required.
The individual should feel comfortable with researching technical solutions to difficult business problems and presenting a summary of the solution to other developers.
Experience and qualifications:
• 3+ years of experience in the financial sector. Experience with fixed income securities is a plus.
• 5+ years of Win32 programming experience with expert knowledge of Win32 system programming, including some and/or all of the following subsystems of the Windows OS, network services (Winsock), file i/o, security, processes and threads, synchronization, registry, 32-bit to 64-bit conversion issues, etc… Knowledge should be recent, up to and including Windows 2008 Server.
• 5+ years of C++ programming experience with expert knowledge of C++ – the language, Standard Template Library (containers, iterators, algorithms), streams, common idioms, and various Boost libraries.
• 5+ years of experience creating server side applications – Windows services.
• Some experience writing client side Windows applications and GUI portions of the Win32 API. At least intermediate knowledge of MFC is also required.
• Excellent problem solving skills, especially in coming up with good architectural/algorithmic solutions to various business, operations and support problems.
• Experience developing distributed multi-threaded applications, messaging via middleware, making architectural design decisions with regard to deployment and collocation, dealing with transactional integrity and error recovery are all necessary for a fitting candidate.
• Familiarity with Linux system calls and/or POSIX is a plus, as is experience converting Linux applications to Windows.
• Good knowledge of computer hardware (CPU, cache, memory), hard drives, and network equipment with regard to their impact on the performance of parallel/distributed applications. Some knowledge of queuing theory is also a plus.

Your main responsibilities will be finishing the features set on existing code base followed by architecture design and implementation of new HF trading system.

Additional requirements that the candidate must have are:

• Need strong C++/STL, C#/.NET/WPF, ASP.NET
• Apache and/or IIS application development and server admin
• Python or Perl scripting
• Multi-threaded code
• Managed C++ is a plus
• Networking, Multicast Protocols
• GUI architecture
• Trading GUI experience a plus
• Some Linux or Cygwin