Case Histories:

Click Commerce

Reviewed product Web page design and assessed its usability.

Recommended product management objectives, formulated product improvement strategy, and specified tactics and timeframes for achieving the strategy.

Designed a completely new visual look and feel for the product and achieved consensus on most urgent usability improvements. Used ASP, XML, XSL, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and C++ to implement complete visual redesign of this 100+ page Web-based product.

Directed Design team in initiative to develop new graphic images for the product, and coordinated efforts of client programmers working on the redesign effort and fixing product bugs.

American Health Services

Helped design and market for a growing employee assistance provider specializing in preventive health care. Web site would enable employees of clients to seek secured, personal health advice from professionals (nutritionists, doctors, etc.) online. Designed pages, wrote copy, and provided custom graphics.

Classified Ventures

Development and implementation of all tiers of the multi-tier applications for two Web sites: and (in a team of five programmers). The core applications are ISAPI extensions for the Internet Information Server and the COM/ActiveX Object serving ASP. The development also includes the JavaScript, DHTML and ASP programming. Applications are written in Visual C++, MFC, ATL. Web sites provide real time access to extensive SQL Server database of rental properties and moving related content.

Trans Union

Team-Project leader. Client/Server environment include Middleware switch system, JNI Server, Mail Server for system subscribers. Utilized Java SDK 1.2 (JNI, ODBC, JFC, Servlets), JBuilder 3.x, Informix 7.x DBMS, HPUX 10.20-11.00, Linux Red Hat 6.2, Apache Web Server.

American Medical Association

Participated in implementation of Advantage Publishing System. Worked with business users on creation of use cases, customization requirements, planning and system implementation. Led 2 developers in creation of various interfaces between existing systems (Unix/Oracle, Mainframe) and Advantage using VB 6.0, Access 97, MS SQL Server 6.5. Created project plans, coordinated activities with data conversion team, developed test cases, supervised unit and integration testing of the interfaces. Participated in development of the Business Objects Universe prototype.

A.C. Nielsen

Senior DBA for design and implementation of a 800 GB data warehouse. Developed proof of concept and evaluated Informix 7.2 and Oracle 7.3.2 on scalability and performance on HP-9000 SMP processors with HP-UX r 10.2. Developed logical model using S-Designor r 4.2 and implemented physical structure using Star Schema. Developed implementation plan and benchmark tests for quantitative evaluation of results. Populated both benchmark warehouses from mainframe data sources such as IMS and DB2. Achieved load performance by using the direct-path utility in Oracle 7 Parallel Loader for bulk loads and Informix’s High Performance Loader (HPL).