What we deliver:

1) Speed: Provide resume of 1 qualified candidate within 1 day of receipt of order.

2) We provide at most 1 qualified candidate per contract order. If the presented candidate’s resume is determined not to be a fit, then we will provide more qualified candidates based on this new information.

3) Qualified Candidate Criteria:

4) If candidate meets all of these criteria, we personally process resumes by confirming with candidates clients or employers they worked at, the start and end dates per project, and their responsibilities, duties, and outcomes per project.

5) Then we present the resume with our bill rate on the cover sheet to the customer.

6) If the customer agrees that our candidate is worthy of consideration, we proceed to set up a phone or face-to-face (which we recommend) interview. A Vivid Representative may attend the interview so that we know what performance is expected from our consultant and how that performance will be measured once the engagement starts.

7) Once the engagement starts, we pay our consultants promptly and quickly regardless of when we are paid by clients. This ensures that our consultants are focused and enthusiastic about the work at hand.

8) We also provide a liaison between the consultant and client for any concerns one party may have about the other or about the project in general. In this way, we can resolve these concerns or misunderstandings before they become problems.

9) We incentivize our consultants by offering bonuses for additional consultants being brought on through Vivid onto the project. We know that strong consultant performance reflects well on Vivid and allows us to serve the client more.

10) To continue to grow our consultant database, to allow us the widest reach to the best consultants in Chicago. We recruit now actively on the internet and continue to add to our list of local and offshore partners.